Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Certification

We offer live, hands on performance training. Each attendee learns by doing, by performing real professional task's.

CAP® is the premier global professional certification for analytics practitioners. Those who meet CAP®‘s high standards and pass the rigorous exam distinguish themselves and create greater opportunities for career enhancement. For organizations seeking to enhance their ability to transform data into valuable insights and actions, CAP® provides a trusted means to identify, recruit and retain top analytics talent.The aCAP is for recent graduates or entry level practitioners who lack the practice experience that is essential to earn the CAP®.The aCAP is for recent graduates or entry level practitioners who lack the practice experience that is essential to earn the CAP®.

The examination is based on the Job Task Analysis (JTA) developed and validated by subject matter experts and practitioners and which serves as the blueprint. For the content of the CAP® program. There are seven areas of responsibility: business problem framing, analytics problem framing, data, methodology selection, model building, deployment and lifecycle management

Earning the CAP®  credential requires meeting eligibility requirements for experience and education, effective mastering of soft skills, committing to the CAP®  Code of Ethics and passing the CAP ® exam. Once the application to become a CAP® has been submitted and reviewed, the participant will be able to take the exam administered online at the appointed test centre.

CAP® examines the knowledge of a person across seven domains with preparation for both aCAP® and CAP® the same. The domains are:

  1. Business Problem Framing
  2. Analytical Problem Framing
  3. Data
  4. Methodology Approach
  5. Model Building
  6. Deployment
  7. Life Cycle Management

There are Domain description and Wright:

The high-level programme content (project-based approach) covering the required body of knowledge is:

  • Business & Analytics Problem Framing
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Analytics Methodology
  • Preparation for CAP® exam

The Associate Certified Analytics Professional (aCAP®) designation connotes an entry-level analytics professional that may not have experience in practice yet and is at the beginning of a career pathway that leads to the elite CAP® designation. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply for this. Meanwhile, CAP® is for those with minimum five years working experience in programming. The validation period for the CAP® designation is for three years and must be renewed after that.

Test Score and time frame:

QuestionsThere are 100 four-option, multiple-choice questions on the exam.
Passing Score

he passing rate has hovered around 70% since the beginning of the program, varying only slightly depending on the number of exams taken in any one day.

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