Product Management Certification

We offer live, hands on performance training. Each attendee learns by doing, by performing real professional task's.

The CPM™ certification differs from an educational or methodology designation in that it is based upon global best practices that have been determined by analysis of actual practitioners in the field, and, therefore, continue to evolve with the profession.

The CPM™ credentials indicate a thorough understanding of the functions responsible for championing new products throughout the front end of the product life cycle, from inception through to launch. The CPM™ focuses on “go-to” functions that orchestrate internal activities and ensure the best possible outcome for the product.

Individuals holding the CPM™ certification validate their product management skills in the areas of:

  • Building case studies
  • Writing business plans segmented for each major function
  • Market planning
  • Competitive analysis
  • Project plans for each major activity
  • Product specifications
  • Develop product launch plans
  • Product Life Cycle Project modeling
  • Phase-Gate Process modeling
  • Product/Market Data modeling

Product management certifications are documents issued by PM authorities that provide proof of an individual’s knowledge of the subject.

Some of the core competencies that you can gain through these certifications include:

  • Detailing, implementing, and analyzing product success metrics
  • Market research and customer need assessment
  • Product lifecycle development, idea generation, and revenue and pricing estimation
  • Product roadmap planning and user testing
  • Technical product development skills

Test Score and time frame:

Length of Test90 Minutes per exam 
Passing Score

35 out of 45 (77%)

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