Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification

We offer live, hands on performance training. Each attendee learns by doing, by performing real professional task's.

Data skills are in high demand in the workplace and Tableau ranks among the fastest growing technical skills in the market. Candidates are adding relevant certifications to their resumes to stand out in the talent pool. Certifications can help boost your salary, set you apart from the competition, and help you land promotions in your current role.

Today we’re excited to announce our new Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam, an entry level exam to help more people show off their Tableau skills. This exam was built for those just starting their Tableau journey to test competencies in the basic functionality of Tableau Desktop. The Tableau Desktop Specialist exam joins the ranks of other certification offerings including the Qualified Associate and Certified Professional exams for both Desktop and Server.

The Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification tests foundational product knowledge. It is the easiest level of certification that Tableau offers and has no expiration date, unlike the more advanced certifications that are only valid for two or three years.

Whether you’re a business analyst, data analyst, job seeker, or student, getting certified is a great way to demonstrate your proficiency in Tableau — a widely-used tool for data visualization and business intelligence.More significantly, studying for this exam gives you a comprehensive understanding of Tableau. I can confidently say that preparing for this exam has strengthened my knowledge of Tableau and enables me to now create vizzes with much more ease.

Even in Tableau Desktop suite of certifications, we have a couple of options based on the level of your understanding and expertise of the tool.

1) Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate (TDQA)

  • Recommended for people with at least 5 months of Hands on experience using the tool and someone who understands the basics of SQL and understands Databases, Joins and standard Data Analytics terminologies (Even if you don’t have prior experience of Tableau but willing to learn, you can get certified).

Test Score and time frame:

  • Time Limit: 2 hours (extra 30 mins for setup and surveys)
  • Number of Questions: 36
  • The split of Questions: 70 Hands on/30 Theory based on the tool itself
  • Passing Score: 75% (Note: Each question has different weight depending on the difficulty level, hands-on has more value)

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